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Mekeo man
Australia Tasmania Hobart
Head study of champion galloper Lonhro
Old farm shed with vintage equipment
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Waterfalls at Plitvice National Park
Australia Tasmania Nabowla
Grand Chancellor Hotel
Snow Sculpture
Baretopped woman with sword B
Aboriginal All Stars. D C Hancock.
Choice of direction
High-rise window cleaner
Bakery. D C Hancock.
Muslim women at mosque
Syney Opera House & Harbour Bridge
Huli woman weaving
Salisbury Cathedral
Finishing on the Palm Beach to Whale beach swim
Red-crested Koorhaan, Eupodotis ruficrista
Young woman wearing a Jim Thompson hat.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Humphead Maori Wrasse close up
Water Python Feeding 4. D C Hancock
Donkey face
Museum display
Window with Garfield dolls
Construction Camp 4. D C Hancock
Baby Croc 3. D C Hancock
Kids Fishing. D C Hancock
Security guard and dog
Hikers in the Slovenian alps
Indonesia Java Jogjakarta
Yellow gum blossom
Warribanno Chimney, Galena, Western Australia
Steeplechaser, Crafty Dancer, winning at Flemington
Striated Heron - Butorides striatus
Underwater model, snorkelling
plant growing through footpath
Various bottles
Mt Langtang, Nepal
Western bluetongue performing
Fishing at the End of the Day
An old stone granary
Sydney Skyline at Sunset
Exploration Rig. D C Hancock
Red-billed Firefinch 'Lagonosticta senegala'
Coral Trout. D C Hancock
Rape field
Chillies and chopsticks
Cat and kitten
Dragon Fruit Produce. D C Hancock
Emperor Gum Moth
Morning sunrise, Fraser Island
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Gene Technology
Smoke filled Sky - Far North Queensland, Australia.
Whitehall skiff under sail
Ngoga River, Okavango Delta, aerial view
Storm Build Up. D C Hancock
Fitter & Turner. D C Hancock
Model with jewellery
Sports Bet. D C Hancock.
Glenn Shorrock performing
apple slice showing star shape and seeds in centre.
Ranger Uranium mine at night.
Chimbu woman, Papua New Guinea
Lhotse peak from the Kunshung valley, Tibet
Whistling Kite - Haliastur sphenurus
Seagull on a fence 2
Spangled Drongo - Dicrurus bracteatus
Young Boy & Girl. D C Hancock
Tropical Starfish 2. D C Hancock
Rusted wrecks while on the Hidden valley walk
Australia, Tasmania, Central Midlands
Hamersley Ranges
Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii
Asian child
Huli Woman
Farm Gate
Downtown Gatlinburg Shops with gardens and Observation...
Okavango Delta, aerial view
Top End fisherman with large barramundi.
Tasmanian Devil
Grey Heron, Ardea cinerea, in water
Australia Queensland
Carousel horse