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Flowering Trees

Stock Images By Russell Johnson

This lightbox is an assortment of photographs of trees in flower or close up images of flowers on trees or shrubs, in different parts of Australia.

Pink Cassia Tree.
Red Japanese Lantern Flower.
Callistemon red blooms.
Banksia tree in flower.
Umbrella Tree Bloom.
Jacaranda tree in flower.
Umbrella trees in flower.
Jacaranda tree in flower.
Grevillea in flower.
Jacaranda tree in flower.
Hibiscus Flower.
Oleander Flowers and Buds.
Flower buds - hibiscus Japanese lantern.
Proteas on bush.
Jacaranda in flower.
Open Protea on bush.
Melaleuca in flower.
Golden trumpet bloom.
Flowering maiden wattle.
Rhododendron Yellow Flower.
Swamp Bloodwood Flower Cluster.
Red Swamp Bloodwood Bloom.
Pink Swamp Bloodwood bloom.
Red Rhododendron Bloom.
Rhododendron Bloom.
Open Protea on bush.
Poinsettia blooms in afternoon sunlight.

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Photo Information for Flowering Trees

Photo 1. Pink Cassia Tree. Flora: The Apple blossom pink flowering [cassia] tree is also known by a variety of other common names; Java Shower, Rainbow Shower, Pink Shower, Pink Cassia. Family: Fabaceae, Genus: Cassia L., Species: Cassia javanica L.

Photo 2. Red Japanese Lantern Flower. Flora: Japanese Lantern, fine featured bright red flower hanging from hibiscus shrub, Ipswich, Australia. [hibiscus schizopetalus]

Photo 3. Callistemon red blooms. Flora: Callistemon spp. A hardy drought tolerant plant native to Australia

Photo 4. Banksia tree in flower. Flora: Banksia in flower in urban Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Native Australian tree.

Photo 5. Umbrella Tree Bloom. Flora: Flower stems on umbrella tree [Schefflera actinophylla]. The umbrella tree is an evergreen rain forest tree native to North Queensland and when grown in urban areas caution is required because of the invasive root system that can damage underground pipes and building foundations.

Photo 6. Jacaranda tree in flower. Flora: Mauve flowers of Jacaranda tree vibrant spring display.

Photo 7. Umbrella trees in flower. Flora: Shefflera - Rain forest umbrella trees growing in inner city environ, Ipswich, Australia.

Photo 8. Jacaranda tree in flower. Flora: Mauve flowers of Jacaranda tree vibrant spring display.

Photo 9. Grevillea in flower. Flora: Grevillea shrub; proteaceae

Photo 10. Jacaranda tree in flower. Flora: Jacaranda in full bloom, Spring, Ipswich, Queensland.

Photo 11. Hibiscus Flower. Flora: The hibiscus [Hibiscus rosa-sinensis] also known as rosemallow is a popular shrub in gardens and nature strips in many countries. This image of a hibiscus flower of pink colouration is from Ipswich, Australia.

Photo 12. Oleander Flowers and Buds. Flora: Oleander deep pink flowers and buds on shrub. The Oleander is a toxic plant and is known as 'pretty poison'

Photo 13. Flower buds - hibiscus Japanese lantern. Flora: Buds ready to flower on hibiscus bush - hibiscus variety: Japanese lantern, Australia.

Photo 14. Proteas on bush. Flora: Protea flowers on bush in two stages of development.

Photo 15. Jacaranda in flower. Flora: The Jacaranda, a deciduous tree, although not a native plant is popular in Australia for the showy floral display of trumpet-shaped lilac to mauve flowers in spring. Botanical name: Jacaranda Mimosifolia.

Photo 16. Open Protea on bush. Flora: Open Protea flower on bush.

Photo 17. Melaleuca in flower. Flora: Melaleuca with an abundance of white blooms. These trees are commonly known as paperbarks.

Photo 18. Golden trumpet bloom. Flora: Cluster of bright yellow flowers on Golden Trumpet tree - 'Tabebuia chrysotricha'.

Photo 19. Flowering maiden wattle. Flora: Acacia tree [Australia] in winter bloom [acacia maidenii].

Photo 20. Rhododendron Yellow Flower. Flora: Yellow flowering Rhododendron, Victoria, Australia.

Photo 21. Swamp Bloodwood Flower Cluster. Flora: Swamp Bloodwood [Corymbia ptychocarpa] flower cluster, summer, Ipswich, Australia.

Photo 22. Red Swamp Bloodwood Bloom. Flora: Red Swamp Bloodwood flower cluster during southern hemisphere summer, Ipswich, Australia. [Corymbia ptychocarpa]

Photo 23. Pink Swamp Bloodwood bloom. Flora: Swamp bloodwood bloom on mature tree.

Photo 24. Rhododendron. Flora: Rhododendron bloom during September in Victoria, Australia.

Photo 25. Red Rhododendron Bloom. Flora: Rhododendron in full spring bloom with red flowers, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

Photo 26. Rhododendron Bloom. Flora: Red flowering Rhododendron in full spring bloom, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

Photo 27. Open Protea on bush. Flora: Open Protea flower on bush.

Photo 28. Poinsettia blooms in afternoon sunlight. Flora: Bright red poinsettia [Euphorbia pulcherrima] blooms highlighted in setting sun against heritage building background, Ipswich, Queensland.